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Technician will call half-hour before arrival
Terms of Service

Some important points about our Terms of Service below. Please ensure to read in full and agree to our Terms of Service prior to making a booking.

  • Presently, this service is only available to Residential Customers
  • The booking time selected is only an estimate time of arrival. Repair may take longer than the shown time range.
  • A person, 18 years old or older with payment and decision making authority must be present for the repair.
  • The Fixed Labour Service is applicable to one (1) appliance only. Please Contact Us prior to making an online booking request if you have more than one appliance in need of repair.
  • The Fixed Labour Service is only applicable for repair work to the appliance itself. Installation of new, or other work upstream or downstream of the appliance are not included in the Fixed Labour Service.
  • Unfortunately, we do not provide free quotes.
  • We do not accept Cheques.